It is amazing how different plants can create different moods and looks! At Dieter Sod & Landscaping, we are here to help you determine which look is right for you and your yard.

The arrangement and combination of different plants, trees, shrubs and other outdoor items play a big part in the Dieter’s Sod and Landscaping design. To assure the survival of the new vegetation, our experienced professionals take into consideration the soils, the area climate, the drainage system and other issues not first thought of by the owners.

In order to get a beautiful result in your lawn you may need to remove trees, shrubs, sod, or hazardous trees. Our team of very qualified professionals at Dieter’s Sod & Landscaping can put our many years of experience to use by removing any of these items in your lawn. Also, removing unnecessary clutter will eliminate possible hiding areas for unwanted pests and animals, open up your lawn and allow you to take advantage of the added curb appeal from your landscape enhancements.

Grading & mulching are essential for new planting beds and sod. At Dieter’s Sod & Landscaping, we utilize equipment from skid steers to hand rakes to insure that there will be no lumps of dirt or unevenness under your ground cover or sod. Mulching enriches and protects the soil, helping provide a better growing environment. It is one of the most beneficial practices you can use for your garden, since it is cost effective and at the same time provides good looks to your landscape.

Our final goal is to complete your project in a timely, professional manner and impress you with the quality of our workmanship! We take great pride in our work and believe that it is evident by our finished product.

• Sod Removal & Installations

• Yard Renovations & Repairs

• Shade Gardens

• Irrigation

• Hardscape Solutions

• Property Enhancements

• Landscape Lighting

• Tree Trimming

• Fertilization