ST AUGUSTINE FLORATAM is the most widely produced and used St. Augustine grass in Florida. This St. Augustine grass is a coarse-textured cultivar that has poor cold and shade tolerance. Floratam is susceptible to chinch bug damage. Floratam is perfect for home and commercial sites that have 100% SUN!

ST AUGUSTINE BITTER BLUE is a more shade tolerant grass (4-6 hrs of filtered sunlight). It has a finer, denser texture and darker blue-green color than common St. Augustine grass.

ST AUGUSTINE PALMETTO has an emerald green color, soft texture, and is more cold-hardy than Floratam. Like any other grass, Palmetto prefers full sun, but if managed properly will adapt to moderately shaded areas receiving at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. Palmetto grass is shade tolerant, not shade loving. This sod may be more difficult to obtain as it has limited availability and harvesting is seasonal.

EMPIRE ZOYSIA is a durable, soft-textured grass. Empire Zoysia has definitely raised the bar for competing grasses throughout central Florida. It has a beautiful dark green color, is drought tough, and is more durable than other grasses. Visually, Empire Zoysia is an extremely attractive turf grass for any residential or commercial job. Once it is established, its genetic makeup helps it survive drought conditions. It grows slow and is naturally resistant to chinch bugs. Empire Zoysia will turn brown in freeze conditions before recovering to its natural green color in the Spring.

COMMON BERMUDA grass is drought resistant and grows on many soils, it also makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed properly. Common Bermuda grass is one of the most economical grasses available in the southern regions of Florida. If fertilized and maintained properly it can be a quality turf grass used for golf courses, sports fields, parks, residential and commercial lawns.

ARGENTINE BAHIA is a low to mid maintenance grass. It is a tough, coarse bladed grass that is capable of surviving in conditions that would destroy most turf grasses. One important characteristic of Bahia grass is it’s capability to withstand weather extremes. Bahia grass thrives in areas where the weather cycles through periods of extreme drought to heavy rains and back to drought again. Bahia will go dormant and brown in freeze conditions and recover in the Spring. Bahia is commonly used in retention ponds and on the median of highways.